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The Brasil Aromáticos line search to rescue or recover the fineness and niceties of this country full of charms. The brand brings spiral essence that symbolizes vital energy. The embroidery present on the label represented in graphics soft and light way forming a charming and lovely surface. Important to mention the marvelous work of northeast Brazilian embroiderers, translating and showing their whims and care a brand has to have for consumer.

The fragrances strawberry with champagne and passion fruit with mango intensify the light aromas, delicate and romantism. Sending out the sensuality and Brazilian passion.

Brazil aromatics line has natural extracts and worry about environment in all its production process.

Strawberry with champagne.

Is a sensual fragrance and unique.

With pinch of romantism.

Passion fruit with mango.

Coolness, freshness and joviality with a pinch of malice.

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Chico Mendes Prize For Socio Environmental Care

Chico Mendes Prize For Socio Environmental Care.

More and more consumers look for organization compromised with socio environmental. Many companies have spectacular cases.

Most do not even come to the knowledge of the general public.

The prize promote the culture of social and environmental responsibility bettering the quality of all lives. It is up to civil society to act in creative form and responsible, preserving the environment and valuing the social environs.

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